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Patt Sendejas – Certified Life Coach – Interior Designer-CID/Feng Shui Consultant – Author – Speaker

You Are a Master Manifester!

As a Spiritual Life Coach and Manifesting Teacher, Patt's Enlightened Manifesting Coaching sessions help you reduce stress, and gain clarity for a renewed life identifying your unique Manifesting gifts! With Patt's guidance and intuition, you will gain clarity of direction, moving forward with passion, better understanding your gifts and how to use them.

Your life on planet Earth is a Game! Let Patt help you better understand the rules and how to play the Game of Life. When you realize that everything is energy, and you can transform energy as a Master Manifester acknowledging the unique gifts you were born with, then your vibration will increase so you can create more easily with joy, love and happiness living a magical life! Let Patt help empower you to be a Master Manifester! Book a coaching session with Patt today and make a positive impact in all areas of your life.

We are all on this planet to realize that we are creators.  Each of us has unique Spiritual gifts to create our lives and overcome challenges we set along our path in order to win the Game!

  • Do you sometimes feel misunderstood?
  • Do you question yourself and your own intuition?
  • Having trouble validating that you do have a gift?
  • Do you ever have a major knowing, and you don’t know how you know, like thinking of someone just before they phone you?
  • How about feeling a person’s energy, knowing when someone is bothered or upset?
  • Do you feel something is missing in your life, but don’t know what?
  • Do you get goosebumps when you have been sharing or heard a moving story?

There are unique ways which help  you receive answers from the Universe and you may not even realize what those are.  Patt helps you identify and develop your gifts slowly so you can feel comfortable believing in yourself and knowing you are not alone and are being continuously supported by the Universe!  

Patt likes to begin by utilizing an ancient and unique system she has coined PATH: PROFILING your personality to uncover your AUTHENTIC TALENTS to true HAPPINESS.  CLICK HERE to read Patt’s client coaching testimonies.

Using her own gifts of knowing, Patt is able to help you discover and expand those gifts so that you can be the Master Manifester you were born to be!  With the arrival of the Age of Aquarius, if you are a Heart-Centered Spiritual Seeker, then this is your time to share your gifts with the world.  Receive genuine satisfaction during these changing times to help humanity evolve. Now is the time on our planet to help humanity!  Your awareness and utilization of your own personal gifts allows you to move forward quickly and effortlessly.


Patt's focus is to help Spiritual Heart-Centered Creators achieve their highest potential. Patt’s coaching programs focus on nurturing your mind, body, spirit and environments to help you manifest your dreams and create a fulfilling life. 

Born in Omaha, Nebraska, Patt moved to Los Angeles California in her youth.  A graduate of UCLA’s Interior and Environmental Design Program, she also achieved a B.A. from Cal State Northridge in Humanities. Now lives in Thousand Oaks, California with her husband, a retired L.A. City Firefighter.

When asked how Patt began coaching, she replied: "When my son was in a major motorcycle accident, I became fraught with concern that I was a bad parent for allowing this to happen.  The medical bills from my son's surgeries and recovery created a very challenging time financially.  Determined to discover how to go with the flow, reduce stress and trust that there is a higher power with us always and there are no accidents as this life event resulted in my desire to learn how we create our reality, I decided to go on a Spiritual journey of self-discovery to understand my ability to create discovering my own Spiritual gifts and intuition learning how to connect with the Universe, understanding there are energies within everything.

After years of study, learning from Neale Donald Walsh, Ester Hicks, Greg Braden, Wayne Dyer, Mike Dooley, and the Center for Spiritual Living, I learned more about why and how events occur in our lives.  I used to feel stressed and fear for my loved ones and what could happen.  As I studied Spiritual Principles, the Laws of the Universe, and the Law of Attraction, I understand how fear can attract what we don’t want, just as much as our positive thoughts attract joyful experiences.    I noticed how my thoughts, words and actions resulted in remarkable synchronicities showing up in my life.  I learned how to understand the ways the Universe speaks to us, how to get answers, as I realized we are all connected, receiving Spiritual Guidance for myself as well as for my design clients. 

As I began applying Enlightened Manifesting, I became more relaxed, my intuition increased receiving flashes of inspiration before taking action.  I experienced deeper relationships with myself, my family and friends.  My wealth began to expand as I understood how to attract what I desired and learned to trust the Universe.”

Patt is an experienced manifesting coach and has helped thousands of clients over her years of consulting find clarity and overcome challenges.  As a Certified Infinite Possibilities Coach, Silva Mind Certified Trainer, and California Certified Interior Designer specializing in Identifying a Building’s Energy based on the ancient philosophies of Compass Feng Shui, Patt guides you on your journey to a more enlightened life, living your life filled with success and enjoyment!

Sometimes it can be your environment that needs an evaluation of energy to help you enjoy more happiness, increase wealth, better health, and improve relationships.  Patt’s years of education and work in design and her comprehensive understanding of a building ‘s energy blueprint allows her to share ways for you to transform the energy within your environments so you can improve health, increase wealth, relax, reduce stress, and move forward.  Choose what works best for you; a Building Energy Consultation and/or an Hourly Coaching Sessions with Patt.

If you desire a FREE 15 MINUTE PHONE CALL with PATT to know where to begin working, whether making changes to your environment or changing your thoughts with her fun coaching techniques to release your old paradigms, then Submit the form below noting several of your best days and time to chat.

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