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Patt Sendejas, C.I.D. (Certified Interior Designer) and Author of Feng Shui for Career Women: The Ultimate Women’s Guide for Advancing Your Career & Increasing Your Wealth, has always been passionate about personal environments.  When she was seven and spending the night at a friend’s home, her idea of fun was telling her friend: “Let’s go rearrange your parents’ living room!”

Patt continued to listen to her calling and graduated from UCLA’s Environmental Interior Design and Architecture Program.  She started her own interior design business in 1977, and when asked to teach at a local college, she completed a B.A. degree in Art from Cal State University Northridge.  She is an award- winning Kitchen Designer, and participant in the Conejo Valley Interior Design Showcase House.  Patt also worked as lead designer on Model Homes for Camino Real Country Estates in Agoura Hills, California.

When a friend gave Patt a book on Feng Shui in 1996, she immediately knew it was something she wanted to teach and to combine with her interior design practice.  She felt a strong foundation in Feng Shui, especially in the Traditional Compass School, which is thousands of years old and based on science, observation of nature and mathematics, was extremely important. She studied with Master Larry Sang, who was selected at the age of six in his family to study Feng Shui with his uncle.  Sang’s uncle was from a long line of famous Chinese Feng Shui Masters.   With Patt’s extensive knowledge of the subject, she has taught Feng Shui at colleges, consults with clients, and continues to give seminars around the country.

She has been the selected speaker for a wide range of events, from conventions to corporate meetings, including such diverse groups as LAX Homeland Security Department and Independent Community Bankers of America. Her client list also includes Farmers’ Insurance Group Corporate, Hyatt Hotel, and Celebrity and Costa Cruise Lines. Author of several books and an experienced radio talk show host, Patt has been featured in numerous magazines and newspapers, among them: Woman’s World Magazine, Estylo Magazine, In Magazine, the Los Angeles Daily News, and Ventura County Star News.

Patt feels that Interior Design is complete when Feng Shui and the qualities of the individual using the space are considered together.

A resident of Southern California, Patt is married to a retired L.A.  City firefighter.  She has two adult sons, and her favorite pastime is being with her grandchildren.  Being in nature is a passion and taking her grandkids to the Santa Barbara Zoo with husband, Sal, gives her the greatest pleasure.

When Patt was learning to write her name in elementary school, she discovered that if she wrote her name backwards and held it up to a mirror, she could read it.  Her concerned father called for a meeting with Patt’s teacher, who reassured him, “No worries, she just looks at the world differently than most.”

Course Testimonials

Jessica Sitomer ~ Actress/Writer/Speaker
Jessica Sitomer ~

“I really enjoyed the Feng Shui Crash Course and was motivated to remove 18 bags of stuff from my home! I rearranged my bedroom according to the course suggestions so that my bed is in my best direction for my Feng Shui personality type. I find I sleep better and I feel so much better with less clutter. The course was so easy to understand with sample photos for outdoor and indoor Feng Shui suggestions. It is a great do it yourself course.   I also liked the fact the videos were short so I could take in the information at my own pace coming back to watch a video 24/7.

The member site makes it so easy to access the course.”

Jessica Sitomer,
– Host of Happily Ever After – talk show

Terrel Miller

“I have taken the comprehensive Feng Shui training course from Patt Sendejas previously and I keep coming back for more! The knowledge I have gained from Patt and her classes have been a great help for me personally and professionally. When I first applied the information I learned from Patt, I started with my own home. I began changing the elements in each room, with my goal to get the energy addressed and corrected. I had an unfortunate situation, when I came home one night and my front door was open. My 17+ year old, vision and hearing impaired cat was gone. I did all the “normal” things a distressed “angel” guardian would do…8 days later, no sign of him. I called Patt in a panic, she instructed me on changes to make in one room of my home where she could see the separation energy was coming from, which I did. Within 18 hours, I received a call from my neighbor that he thought my cat was under his house. Yep. Recovered my guy, and he was with me for another year or so.

Patt has a casual teaching style that is enthusiastic, engaging, informative and action oriented. I am very inspired by this upcoming class. Gaining additional proficiency in Personality Feng Shui and relationships will add another “tool” in my toolbox as I assist homeowners, buyer and sellers make informed decisions about their real estate transactions. This information will be applicable to anyone interested in starting a relationship coaching career, already involved in coaching, direct sales, a corporate environment or wanting a better understanding of family and friends and their relationships, past, present and future.”


Luci LoPresti

I took Patt’s class out of curiosity. Just what is Feng Shui?? People talk about how it enhances your life and helps you achieve balance. Being a newly divorced mom, I wanted all the help I could find to assist my transition into my new life and career. Life and energy is always changing!

Patt’s comprehensive class in Feng Shui has taught me so much about how natural elements & their energy affect people within the space they live or work. Patt Sendejas is so enthusiastic!!! She has developed a great course to share her knowledge for those who are eager to learning this ancient natural science! Feng Shui has helped me improve my living environment. It is amazing to learn about how to add certain elements(remedy) to a space to get favorable results. I will continue to take more classes with Patt as she is a leader in Feng Shui.”

Luci LoPresti

Speaking Testimonials

“I highly recommend Patt Sendejas, my long-time friend from our college days as a phenomenal Feng Shui expert and Speaker for positive change! Her valuable ideas, expertise, knowledge and experience will advance your career and enhance your personal and financial wealth! Our Keller Williams Westside Realtors were delighted with her recent presentation at our office! She approaches her work with a sincere passion and desire to improve your lifestyle and environment by analyzing your personality type! It’s been my pleasure and honor to know and work with Patt for many years!”

Joan Fields-Evans – Keller Williams Westside Realtor

Patt’s presentation to our employees educated them regarding an important aspect of the Asian culture. Also Patt effectively promoted using positive energy to assist in handling change in the workplace.

Keri Eliason – EEO Officer 
Homeland Security LAX Field Office

We received great reviews from those attending how they were able to apply your recommendations and techniques, which made a positive impact in their lives.

Claire Horita – Human Resources Consultant
Farmers’ Insurance Group, Los Angeles

Patt adapted an ancient concept into modern commerce channels. She led an energetic discussion filled with interesting, creative, practical business advice.

Steve O’Rourke – Law Partner
 – Loeb, Kosacz & Sandberg, LLP

Dear Patt,
Awesome call! Thank you for being our Susan Rose 
Productivity Coaching guest speaker! Fascinating topic!

Susan Rose – Owner, 
Susan Rose Productivity Coaching LLC

Patt’s personal stories and enlightening exercises inspire you to trust yourself enough 
to align your beliefs with your desires and let go. Your magical life is sure to follow. 
This stuff works.

Dick Sutphen – 18 Book Best Selling Author, #1 Talk Radio Host – Contact Talk Radio