You'll See it When You Believe It!

I ran across this previous post I did several years ago. For my long-time readers you may remember this post. I thought it was so important to run again because this is a perfect example of how to manifest!

Recently I lost track of this important step. As a type "A" personality, I forgot that the Universe is just waiting for me to visualize what I want.

Instead of slowing down and visualizing with enthusiasm about my desire, I was caught up in making lists and thinking too much about what I needed to do instead of watching for the synchronicities' and messages from the Universe that lead me to inspired action.

As I rapidly took uninspired action to get things done, just for the sake of doing things, instead of enjoying the process, I felt tired and unsuccessful in my attempts. Then I remembered that I just have to turn over 75% of the action to the Universe. Wow! What a difference letting go of having to do it all myself made such a difference. This story about my grandson below really emphasizes this point!

I remember when I took my two grandson; Tanner and his younger brother Andrew to the museum of Science and Industry in downtown Los Angeles. They have a rock climbing wall about 30 feet high. Anyone from 5 years old and up can attempt to climb to the top and ring the bell while being strapped to a harness. I watched as a line of nearly 15 people, boys and girls, youngsters and teenagers and athletic men and women all attempted to reach the top to ring the bell. As I watched everyone take their turn, i saw one fellow who looked like he was in his late twenties ring the bell. Then 7 year old Tanner took his turn.  Before he began, I whispered in his ear, do not worry about how you will get to the top, just picture yourself ringing the bell at the top. Sure enough he did it. When I asked about his experience Tanner said, "I got to the top and felt I was slipping and all I thought about was to ring the bell."

Tanner with no previous rock climbing experience and one other adult male out of the 15 people I observed were the only two that accomplished the feat! Now all he has to do is remember to think of the end result when he wants to achieve something.  When accomplishing what you want, do not worry about how it will occur! Could it be that simple, you ask?  Yes, our past experiences and our doubts affect our results in the present and everything we desire. Do not take my word for it, just do it!

Monthly Visiting Energies Arrive on the 5th of each Month! 

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If you felt frustrated or wondered why it was more difficult to move forward in February, then you were feeling the monthly visiting energies in the center of all buildings; residential and commercial. To demonstrate how this energy plays out, I had a client whose permanent energy is always separation in the center quadrant of his business. Arriving in February came the new yearly visiting energy which added a strong potential legal issues, real estate and signing contracts, along with the monthly visiting energy of delays.

This combination of energies is known as "death of the old" which made sense with his desire to relocate. The owner asked me to look at a new space for him to rent. Once he had the energy of the new space he quickly signed the new lease during the month of February as that "death of the old" energy played out in his life. I find it amazing how the energies in our buildings match the experiences happening in our lives.

Remember energies are not good or bad, they just are. How you use the energies when you know what is coming helps you to be in flow through life.

I had a client who had surgery and after going home he was not improving. His concerned wife called me and I told her to move him to the guest room to sleep for the month where the energy would support good health and his recovery. He did, and she reported to me he recovered quickly.

If you would like to learn more about the energies in your home or business that may be holding you back and the simple changes you can make to bring in more wealth, good health, and supportive relationships for your home or business, or you would like to have a Manifesting Coaching Session with me.

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